Hello, I'm Paul Booker, Maths Tutor, Science Writer, Physics Mentor, Web Developer, Theoretical Physicist & Environment Activist.

Global Warming of 1.5 ÂșC
extinction rebellion
Defend WikiLeaks
Green Party
Greenpeace UK
Humanists UK
New Economics Foundation
Basic Income
The Co-operative Bank

Hello again, I'm Paul Booker, I'm 48 years old, semi retired father of two, living in Walsall. I work as a Maths Tutor, Freelance Science Copywriter, Physics Mentor & Freelance Web Developer. I'm also a Theoretical Physicist & Environment Activist.

Outside of "work", when not spending quality time with the family, I continue to explore theoretical physics and answer (ask) physics questions on Quora. Other interests are listening to music, watching videos on youtube and eating out at my local pub. I'm also a supporter of Micro Finance via lendwithcare.org.

Kalama Sutta, Readings from the Pali Canon, Sangharakshita
Thinking for Oneself, Arthur Schopenhauer:

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