Hello, I'm Paul Booker. Nice to meet you..

Hello again, I'm Paul Booker. I am a Theoretical Physicist. I am 46 years old. I live in Walsall, UK. I work from home as a Web Developer, Maths Tutor & Physics Mentor. If you need help with your website I can provide help & assistance to anyone (or any company, ..) with a Drupal/Wordpress/PHP Website [and | or] Web Server running Linux/Unix.

Outside of "work", when not spending quality time with the family, I continue to explore Quantum Field Theory, Supersymmetry, String Theory & Quantum Gravity. Other interests are listening to classical music, pottering around the house & garden, and eating out at my local pub. I'm also a member of the Green Party, and a supporter of microfinance (via lendwithcare.org) & basic income as a means to redistribute wealth and opportunity.

If you don't talk happy, and you never have a dream. Then you'll never have a dream come true! — Happy Talk, Captain Sensible.

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