Hello, I'm Paul Booker, a Website Security Expert & Web Server Administrator. I provide website security & maintenance services for Wordpress Websites, Drupal websites & Linux Web Servers.

Hello again, I'm Paul Booker, I'm 48 years old & father of two young ladies. I live in the UK with my partner. I work from home as a website security expert providing web services for people, charities, small businesses, and other web agencies around the world, helping to keep their websites and web servers secure. I am also exploring how to help math students with their math problems, for homework and assignments etc.

Outside of "work", when not spending quality time with the family, I explore theoretical physics & pure mathematics. Other interests are listening to music (Kate Bush, Talking Heads, .. Schubert, Shostakovich, ..), drinking red wine & eating out at my local pub.

I'm not on any social network. I don't have a "smart" phone. I don't have a web camera. I'm currently thinking about de-Googling. I'm currently thinking about, thinking about, deleting my Amazon account. I run this website for free on Amazon (cached on Cloudflare's CDN). My email address is paul@paulbooker.co.uk (hosted at Google). ProtonMail (founding team from CERN) looks interesting.