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Hello, I'm Paul Booker, a Freelance Web Developer & Web Server Administrator. I have provided Website support for Website owners, and other Web agencies since 2008.

Working as a Web Developer & Web Server Administrator from my small family home in the West Midlands (England, UK) allows me to keep my overheads to an absolute minimum; providing my clients with a personal, and professional service, at a price that is hard to match by other Web agencies. If you're looking for support for your Website, please take a look at my recent recommendations, and get in touch. You can reach me by email [email protected], or leave a message on my answering machine 07963606907. My hourly rate is £24.50. If you're a registered charity, or just want a better hourly rate: please ask for a discount.

A brief history of work

I started working as a PHP Web Developer back in 2000 building bespoke content management systems. From 2005 - 2010 I worked as a Drupal Developer, maintaining all of the Drupal websites for the Mozilla Firefox community. Between 2005 - 2010 I also contributed to the Drupal project as a developer and module maintainer. Before getting into Web development I worked as a Home Tutor (Mathematics & Physics).

My main focus for the future is providing Website support & maintenance for existing Drupal/PHP/HTML Websites, and Web servers (running the Linux operating system).

If you would like to manage your own Drupal website: I have compiled the following articles [1],[2] & [3] that should cover nearly everything you need to know.

More about me

I am 46 years old. I have a degree in Theoretical Physics 2/1 (Hons.) from the University of Birmingham.

Outside of work, I like spending quality time with the family and exploring quantum field theory, string theory and quantum gravity. Other interests are listening to music, and eating out at my local pub. I'm also a long-standing member of the Green Party, and supporter of lendwithcare.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope we can work together soon.