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What is a Drupal developer?

Colloquially a Drupal developer is simply someone who can build Websites with Drupal, and manage a Drupal website on a Web server, hosted somewhere on the Internet. This means that a Drupal developer will have a broad range of skills: some of which are associated with the Drupal specifically (Site building, Module development, .. ) but will also be competent with managing the Web server and DNS records etc. A good "Drupal developer" will be able to manage nearly all requests coming from a client, and will be able to advise how to move forward should specialised knowledge be needed.

Here are some of the tasks that a Drupal developer should be able to do:

  • Support & Maintenance for Drupal Websites:
  • Web Server Support for Drupal Websites:
    • Manage Linux Web Servers
    • Manage Web / Database Caches
    • Manage Domain Name & Email records